I've been asked to illustrate a few of Olly Mann's regular "It's a Mann's World" columns in Reader's Digest UK
illustration of a man sitting on top of a giant stack of bean tin cans
This one was about the how Olly likes to try out the latest products and decide which are his favourites. Below are a few sketches I sent over from which the stack 'o beans idea was selected
The illustration below was for a column about the imminent arrival of Olly's 2nd child
illustration of giant mechanical alarm clock with miniature man dangling from clock hand
illustration of baby bottle and mobile phone with "Netflix" logo
Below are a couple of sketches sent for the column on Olly's 2nd child
The illustration below was for Olly's column on how his hair is getting more out of control as he ages!
illustration of miniature man using lawn mower to cut giant hairs on a patch of skin
A couple of other sketches for the hair removal column
The illustration below was for a column about Olly Mann being a celebrity and how this results in recognition at places like the local butchers!
illustration of butcher shop window, old woman standing looking in window
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