June '24 - HR Magazine, illustrated cover. It was great to work with the folks at HR magazine, to illustrate this cover feature about how HR managers can coach top level management in an organisation and deal with all the big personalities
January '24 - Benefits Canada magazine cover. This was a fun commission to convey the idea of an organisation's global employees' experience of mental health support
Feb 24 - Trying out a new 'outline' version of my style, take a look at the "outline style" page for more!
illustration of diverse people working in a creative open plan office space

Editorial image of office workers in a creative office space

Jan 24 - Stevens Cooperative School Magazine Map Illustration
map illustration of Hoboken New York City with Stevens cooperative school campus buildings and children pupils
Jan 24 - Editorial illustration about varying degrees of mental health support around the world
illustration of office buildings cutaway to show office workers inside
Sept '23 - Editorial illustration
illustration of diverse group of people walking across a pedestrian crossing in a city landscape
Sept '23 - Editorial illustration, a woman smashing through the 'glass ceilings' to reach the top of her organisation
illustration of black female office worker smashing through a glass ceiling top floor of office building
August '23 -  Illustrated map of the city centre of Birmingham, UK for The Hippodrome's "Weekender" festival
map illustration of Birmingham city England UK showing event activities for Hippodrome Weekender Festival
June '23 - Orlando Helicopter Adventures asked me to illustrate their tour route map, adding in all the fun theme parks they fly over on their tours
map illustration of Orlando Florida theme park area showing different helicopter tour routes
May '23 - Park and Walk carpark near Bristol airport asked me to illustrate a map of the walking route from their parking area to the entrance to Bristol Airport
map illustration of Bristol airport area with park n walk carpark facility and walking route to the airport terminal
March '23 - A series of spot illustrations on the subject of money management, done in my 'outline' style
illustration showing people struggling to manage their money
December '22 - Reader's Digest asked me to illustrate their December cover again this year and I came up with this cosy fireside Christmas scene
Magazine cover illustration Reader's Digest December Christmas showing gingerbread man drinking hot chocolate sitting by fireside in evening lounge setting with Christmas tree
December '22 - Petplan asked me to illustrate a series of spot illustrations of dogs, cats and rabbits for their fun Christmas multiple-choice quizzes. See the full set in the main page of my site
illustration showing dog breeds saint bernard husky and collie sitting down
November '22 - I was asked to create a fun set of spot illustrations showing the evolution of the whale into its modern form for "Whale & Dolphin" and "Splash" magazines, here's the double page spread from Splash showing all of them as a set
illustration magazine spread showing the evolution of the whale from prehistoric to modern day
 Aug '22 - Ask magazine for kids wanted me to illustrate this fun double page spread on the different types of island and how they are formed!
informative infographic illustration showing how different types of islands are formed geographically
August '22 - Reader's Digest UK, illustration for the regular "It's a Mann's World" column, Olly Mann talks about how he loves to try out the latest products and find his favourite!
illustration for Reader's Digest UK showing Olly Mann comedian sitting on a stack of giant bean tins
May 2022 - Pups In The Park: an illustrated map for a dog show event in Dublin
map illustration showing the event ground for Pups in the Park Dublin with arenas tents food dog shows and people walking around
April 2022 - Home life
illustration of a house cutaway with a family living inside engaged in different activities
Jan 2022 - Seabirds!
illustration of labelled UK coastal seabirds in a coastal setting
Jan 2022 - Illustrated scenes of gardeners for US gardening and plant supplier "Burpee"
illustration of black man gardening raised bed of vegetables
December 21 - Reader's Digest Christmas cover illustration
illustration showing a christmas nutcracker toy popping out of a Christmas gift box in a snowy landscape
November 21 - Petplan website illustrations
illustration of a man holding a cat facing each other
October 2021 - Courier Magazine illustrations
illustration of a woman working whilst sitting on a lp record player that looks like a desk
I was delighted to be asked to illustrate a series of articles in Issue 43 of Courier magazine on starting up different creative businesses, including starting a record label, which the illustration above was for
August 2021 - HR Magazine cover
map illustration on magazine cover showing a treasure island map
May21 - Tesla "Cyberland": Concept theme park map for Digital Impact agency
map illustration of Tesla cyberland theme park map with tesla themed rides and people walking around
This was an incredibly fun commission to illustrate a concept Tesla theme park map, featuring some of the Tesla brand ideas made into fun rides!
May 2021 - Editorial illustration, different forms of exercise you can do anywhere
illustration of a caucasian woman hands with asian man on a giant phone screen during a video chat call
May 2021 - Editorial illustration on the plus points of video calls
illustration of a caucasian woman hands with asian man on a giant phone screen during a video chat call
March 2021 - "Working together" editorial illustration
illustration of a diverse group of people working together to build a jigsaw
February 2021 - Lichfield City vector tourist information and historical map
Map illustration of Lichfield city with tourist attractions including cathedral
Jan 2021 - Reader's Digest UK feature illustrations
illustration showing a group of women standing on top of a globe earth
Reader's Digest UK asked me to illustrate several pages for a feature on immigrants' experiences of finding their idea of home whilst settling in the UK
Jan 2021 - Working at home!
illustration showing lots of people in individual box rooms working from home
Jan 2021 - Personal promo image
illustration of a diverse group of people standing on top of lined paper that looks like snowy mountain tops
December 2020 - Laithwaite's promotional Thank You postcard
illustration on a postcard showing a group of people raising wine glasses in a snowy nighttime landscape with vineyards in background
It was a joy to illustrate these little portraits of Laithwaite wine-makers from around the world for the Laithwaite's Thank You postcard sent out with wine orders this Christmas
December 2020 - Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
illustration of a diverse group of people, some sitting on a giant telescope, looking out across a colourful landscape with a rainbow behind them
illustration of groups of people sitting on floating platforms with a blueprint background
These are the last two in a series of 12 website illustrations to celebrate the RCSLT's 75th anniversary year, each one to discuss a different month's theme, all around the idea of speech and langugage therapy
 November 2020 - Lawrentian magazine illustrations
illustration on magazine cover showing a computer screen with screens popping out of it showing school children engaged in science activities
illustration on magazine spread showing computer pop up windows with school children in each doing different school activities like cooking sports and writing
 The school asked me to illustrate the cover and inside feature for their back-to-school issue following a term away from campus due to the Covid pandemic. The issue covered topics like virtual learning and how to keep students safe on their return
September 2020 - Royal College Speech & Language Therapy
illustration showing a diverse group of people sitting on a stack of giant books
illustration of a diverse group of people standing on a globe earth
illustration of a diverse group of people standing looking towards us
RCSLT have kindly asked me to illustrate a different theme every month on their website, to celebrate their 75th anniversary year. Above are three of the recent pieces I've done for them for June, August and September on themes of "Lifelong learning in speech and langugage therapy",  "Speech and language therapy around the world" and "Celebrating service users"
May20 - The Lawrenceville School campus map
map illustration of east coast america from New York to Philadelphia with Lawrenceville school campus as enlarged pop out
June20 - Highlights magazine
map illustration on a magazine spread showing america yellowstone trail and victorian era people walking and driving old cars across it
So fantastic to be asked to illustrate this fun map of the Yellowstone Trail for US kid's magazine "Highlights". The trail was one of the first cross-country roads in the US, so I got to draw people in early 20th century costume and a Model T Ford!
May20 - BBC Wildlife magazine
illustration of containers with miniature landscapes inside and pop outs of animals with arrows pointing to the containers
A fascinating feature in BBC Wildlife magazine, about being able to trace evidence of animals through environmental DNA
April 20 - Birdwatching!
illustration of labelled UK garden birds
April 2020 - Nursery Management magazine
illustration of people in a hot air balloon basket close up flying towards storm clouds
This cover illustration was for a piece on looming funding cuts in the nursery sector, worrying times ahead
April 2020 - Reader's Digest UK, Olly Mann column
illustration of a miniature man using a lawn mower to cut giant hairs on a patch of skin
An illustration for the "It's a Mann's World" column by Olly Mann, on his problem of hair removal
April 2020 - Washington DC, Downtown map
map illustration of an area of washington dc america with buildings and people walking across it
 March 2020 - RCSLT 75th anniversary poster
poster illustration of a busy scene showing lots of buildings and people like wheres wally waldo
As part of the RCSLT's 75th year celebrations, they asked me to illustrate an A2 poster for their members, featuring some of the famous people who have had therapy, the services the college provides, and their service users, in a fun, engaging image
March20 - RCSLT website illustrations
illustration of group of women looking towards us with giant speech bubble over their heads. Woman in the middle is holding female symbol
illustration of diverse group of people sitting walking interacting on giant love hearts
The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists have asked me to produce an illustration for their website for every month of 2020, to celebrate their 75th anniversary year. February's theme was on love of the profession and the people that use speech and language therapy services. March was about the women that work in the profession and their future in the role
Jan 2020 - Escape magazine, map of South West UK
map illustration of south west england showing train and pop out illustrations of different places to visit
December 19 - American Way magazine, South Florida map
map illustration of south florida america showing buildings and people
October19 - Aer Lingus inflight magazine; map of Fishtown area of Philadelphia
map illustration of area of philadelphia usa showing buildings and people
October19 - Print Week magazine feature
magazine spread illustration showing people riding horses through an office waving banners
September19 - Summer Picnic spot maps
group of four small map illustrations showing areas of london city with groups of people picnicing
August 19 - Timeout London and TFL
mpa illustration of grenwich london showing art installations to visit in the area
Loved illustrating this series of small maps for a Timeout/TFL guide to arty walks around London
August 19 - Reader's Digest, Olly Mann column
illustration of a giant mechanical alarm clock with a baby depicted on the face and a miniature man dangling from the clock hand
Olly Mann does a regular column in Reader's Digest, on various crazy things that have happened to him. In this column, he talked about his feelings on the impending arrival of his second child
July 2019 - Hand lettering headline
illustration showing a large neon motel sign which says "The top one hundred motels in the USA" and a car driving past
June 2019 - Spider kids' magazine
illustration as a border around text showing children in a changing landscape from farm fields to desert to seaside
A lovely commission to illustrate some of the answers to a quiz about words with a double 'm'. I had totally free rein to show the anwers however I wanted in this border illustration, and I thought it would be fun to fit them all into one summery holiday scene
June 2019 - Aer Lingus inflight magazine
map illustration of an area of hamburg with buildings and people dotted across streets
A little illustrated map of the Karolinenviertel area of Hamburg highlighting some little tourist hotspots!
June 2019 - Reader's Digest Cover
magazine cover with illustration of giant green heart and miniature people surrounding and interacting with the heart and each other
Another wonderful opportunity to illustrate for Reader's Digest, this was for their Grenfell Tower two years on feature, a sad and sensitive subject. The Art Director wanted to highlight how the community has come together to heal and look after each other since the disaster, so we worked with the Grenfell green heart icon to show members of the community working together
April 2019 - Aer Lingus inflight magazine
map illustration of an area of boston america with buildings people and named streets
Great to be asked to illustrate this dps map for the new-look Cara magazine of an area of Boston
April 2019 - Loire Valley Map
map illustration of loire valley france showing seven chateau buildings and their locations
April 2019 - Print Week cover illustration
magazine cover illustration of a giant mobile phone with a man in burglar stripey top and mask stealing files from apps that are open like filing cabinet drawers
Fun to illustrate this issue of Print Week magazine on the subject of cyber attacks! The art director requested an image of a phone being hacked into in some way and I came up with this idea of a dangling thief breaking into phone apps like secret files!
March 2019 - Map Illustrations for Timeout London
magazine spread with three map illustrations, showing areas of london uk with different buildings and people walking across
It was an epic but fantastically enjoyable task to illustrate 7 little maps in under a week for a special walking feature in Timeout London
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