The Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists asked me to illustrate a different theme every month for their 75th anniversary year of 2020, below are a selection of these illustrations covering themes like "Speech therapy around the world" and "Speech therapy on International Women's Day"
illustration of a diverse group of people looking towards viewer
illustration of diverse group of people walking across a globe
illustration of a diverse group of people standing on a ledge, seen from low angle
illustration of groups of people standing on floating platforms with blueprint background
illustration of miniature people standing on giant books
illustration of people interacting on top of giant love hearts
illustration of a cutaway slice through a building showing different rooms with people inside
illustration of a diverse group of women looking towards viewer with giant speech bubble above their heads
illustration of a group of three women standing in middle, waving to people walking towards them
illustration of people sitting on top of a giant telescope with a rainbow in the background
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