The lovely folks at HR magazine asked me to illustrate their May/June cover, for a feature article on coaching the C-suite, the top leaders in an organisation. They wanted to convey an element of training/coaching, with an HR coach dealing with the big personalities at the upper end of management
magazine cover illustration of figures exercising around giant objects
Below are a few of the sketched options I sent off to the client, including a typographical direction that they had wanted to try out as a possibility
I had the pleasure of working for the first time with Benefits Canada magazine, creating this cover illustration for a feature article about the differing levels of mental health support that employees receive from the same company at their different offices around the world. The client went with the globe idea as being most clear to show this global aspect of the article
magazine cover illustration of figures working behind desks on a globe of earth
Below are a few of the sketches I sent to the client for the cover, trying out different ways of conveying employees in a global organisation and the mental health support they are offered
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