A series of illustrations for a regular column in the magazine, always written with a slightly tounge-in-cheek attitude :)
This column discussed how Apple always have to be on the ball and ready to fight the new rivals on the scene. The writer Gary Marshall gave the analogy of a gunslinger in a Wild West town so I showed the iPhone as a gunslinger ready to have a show-down against other phone rivals!
These are a few of the initial sketches I sent to the client with ideas around the Wild West theme. Loads of fun to do :)
This article was about the intrusion caused by the free U2 album being automatically downloaded onto everyones' apple device
A column about making sure you find the right people to fix your Apple devices when they break
This column talked about Apple's plan in the future to make their tech able to detect health issues which can then be passed on to your doctor
Apple have been giving their latest tech to famous rappers and other celebrities before they are released to the general public
Macs are like the Merecedes of laptops compared to Windows
Jonathan Ive is the designer behind some of Apple's most famous products. Gary Marshall, the writer of these columns, speculates whether Ive would rather be back at the coal face 'fighting fires' than as a big exec at Apple
In this column, the writer Gary Marshall grumbles over the only difference between the old and latest versions of the iPhone being the lack of cash in his wallet
This column was about the conspiracy theory circulating, that once the new iPhone 6 comes out, older models will be deliberately slowed down to make people buy the new version!
This was a column about how clunky and slow the older iOS versions feel once you've tried iOS7. I used the computer game racing cars analogy as I thought it would appeal to the reading audience :)
Column about the risk that wearable tech like the upcoming iWatch, may leak personal information about thew wearer!
Column about how the release of the iPhone saw the end of many other products, including many of Apple's own, like the ipod
Column about the new IOS7 operating system may have loads of wonderful features but these are often hidden or difficult to access and it's mistaken for a rubbish system
Column about the nostalgic feelings that are evoked hearing some of the classic sounds of the old Macs and other computer systems
Column about how the apple iCloud isn't quite as useful and doesn't like to 'share' quite like other file-sharing cloud services
Column about the speed at which apple products change compared to other lifestyle products like guitars
Column about how apple products give girls more options than the average toy designed for them, it doesn't dictate they have to play with 'girl's toys' like dolls and ponies
Column about the role Tim Cook will play and how he will fill the large shoes of Steve Jobs
Column discussing the possible look of the proposed new Apple iWatch
Column discussing the way Apple always tries to stay in the press
Column about how the author's kids seem to be recruited by Apple to deliberately sabotage his products, forcing him to buy new ones
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