Illustrations for articles about working from home and new ways of living and working post-Covid
illustration showing lots of people in individual box rooms working from home
Editorial illustration: Working from home, what it looks like for people
illustration of black female office worker smashing through a glass ceiling top floor of office building
Editorial Illustration: How to bust through the glass ceiling in a big company
illustration of office buildings cutaway to show office workers inside
Editorial illustration: Mental health in the workplace and what that looks like for companies spanning different countries
illustration of a caucasian woman hands with asian man on a giant phone screen during a video chat call
Editorial illustration: How to make video meetings feel more personal
illustration of diverse group of people working together to do a giant jigsaw
Editorial illustration: Working together, bringing strength with diversity
illustration diverse group of people standing on top of lined paper that looks like snowy mountain tops
Editorial illustration: Navigating the working world post-Covid
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